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Whether it's a minor setup, major repair, custom job, or restoration, Dave Thomas Guitar repair does it all.  Dave Thomas has over 30 years of repair and building experience, and spent many of those years at Richmond Music Center as lead repair technician. With his personal commitment to quality, it's no wonder so many local and regional musicians, whether seasoned professionals or those just getting started, choose Dave Thomas Guitar Repair for all their work.

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These prices are for full setup on guitars and basses. Includes adjustments to neck, bridge, pickups, and tuners. We will also clean and oil fretboard, polish frets, set intonation, open and lubricate nut slots, and check and clean elctronics (if needed). Pickup replacement - call for best estimate. With or without pickguard, active or passive, as well as the type of guitar can vary prices, with $35 - $80 on average for single/multiple. Other elctronic work and hot-rodding as per quoted when inspected. Any other work needed is additonal, and I will call you with an estimate, unless quoted at time of inspection. Any repairs or mods not described here, please call me and I will get you a quote. Minimum Bench Fee is $25


Dave:  I am so pleased with my bass. It plays and sounds great. Incredible tone. Can't put it down!   Thanks!


Dave: I finally had a chance to take the SG and Teles out of the cases.  I turned on the Fender DRRI and Fulltone Plimsoul and tested them all out.  I can honestly say I felt like I had 3 new guitars.  No comparison to how they played before you got your hands on them.  I am having a blast with these and cannot wait for the weekend. Thanks for the great work!  I am blown away by the difference in all three guitars.  I loved them before, now they are just incredible and I feel so lucky to have each one.

David S.

Dave: You are a master of your craft.  Glad to have found you.  There will always be more guitars.


Hey Dave - I'm blown away by your work. These are the best playing guitars I've ever owned. The 7 way switch is going to be a 'must have' for me from now on. I grew up in Akron, Ohio and had a strat setup back then at Lay's guitar shop which, is a pretty respected shop nationally. That was the best setup I've ever had until now. I'm not a great player but I know guitars and your work is impeccable. I can't wait for the custom build. I'll be in touch in the next week or so with a deposit and and buy the custom strat in July. In August, I'd like to have you work over my old Charvel and Kramer that I mentioned. I also have an Epi Sorrento that could use some of your magic as well. Thanks!

Chris L.

Dave has worked on my guitars for over 20 years. I trust him. I love the way he makes them feel and sound. His knowledge of pickup tones has helped me make great guitars sound even more amazing. You know that sound in your head you have been searching for? Dave can help you find it. After I get a guitar back from Dave, I just don't want to stop playing it. Thanks Dave, you rock! 

Mike L.

(Affirmative Groove)

 Dave has been working on my guitars for almost 20 years! He customized my Stratocaster into a Dave Gilmore type strat but better! He sets up guitars better than anyone I have ever used. He also does my acoustic guitars, mandolin and banjo. Not much this guy can't do and his consulting on guitars is also superb. I highly recommend Dave Thomas Guitar Repair!

Will H.

(Focal Point Band and The Troublemakers) 

Just got an Epiphone guitar for Christmas. Dave set it up for me including some neck adjustments, etc. My guitar sounds and plays awesome!

 - Justin S.

Special Thanks to Dave Thomas. For customizing my 05 strat. New tuners. New pick guard toggle switch for different pick up combinations. She's a Beauty that rocks!

 Dave, I can't thank you enough for the fantastic job of setting up and installation of your pick-ups in my Les Paul. The clarity and the sustain of the guitar is amazing. The job you did on the tuners and frets as well as setting the intonation makes this instrument a dream to play. I had my first gig with it last night and the guitar stayed in tune even through drop tuning several times. Amazing! Simply Amazing. The SG is next! 

Dave S.


Time to take my latest 6 string acquisition for a PM test drive. Thanks Dave Thomas, for the set up. 

Sam P.


It’s Brian, the Ibanez guy.

When  you spend years with an instrument, you bond with it on some level. It  gets to be like your voice in a way. What an amazing experience to get  my guitar back, and discover that my voice is now clearer, richer,  louder and vastly more articulate. Like my balls dropped, and with a  bunch of new dialects to speak in, too.

I  got to play a Prestige Custom J-Craft Puzzle Top Ibanez RG a few times.  That’s from a limited run of 30 guitars built by Ibanez’ top luthiers  & craftsmen, and ran around 3k.

I  would not hesitate to say that your setup & fret work are superior  to those I played on that guitar. The voodoo you worked on my guitar  lets me play for hours now, accommodating my RSI/CTS issues in ways I  didn’t think were possible. I can play again!! New ideas keep popping  out of my fretboard because the playability & tones are so  inspiring.

(Not to mention having all of it done a week earlier than expected…)

Thank you, sir, for your wizardry!

I’ll be bringing more your way soon.


Dave  Thomas has been my go-to professional for setting up and repairing my  electric and acoustic guitars for over 20 years.  All my instruments  have come back playing and sounding better, each time.  Dave came  through in a big way this past Christmas. I had purchased my son a great  acoustic and had hidden it well, until just prior to Christmas Eve.   Upon opening the case, the action was found to been awful. I contacted  Dave and he took it in and set it up wonderfully...try finding that at a big box store! 

Dave has always been a great source of knowledge for picking out the next great axe, amp or offering advice on finishing my parts guitar builds.  Do yourself and your instruments a favor; call Dave!

Jeff M.

I  just returned home a few hours ago and have not been able to put down  my second strat that you set-up and upgraded. I can’t thank you enough  for the outstanding wok you did on both of my instruments, and I look  forward to having you provide more services in the future.
In  particular I’d like to thank you for the true attention to detail you  gave the strats. I have had many setups done over the years, and I can  truly say that yours are by far the best. Unlike earlier setups I have  had, there are no “noisy” strings in your setups, and maybe it’s because  you spend so much attention to detail – right down to ensuring the  radius of the strings and the radius of the fretboard match perfectly.
Of  course, string radius is only a small part of the setups you have done,  but it points out to me the high quality I see in all the components of  the setups.
Finally,  thanks for the recommendation to switch over to the Texas Sizzler  pickups that you stock – they have taken a lifeless guitar and moved it  from sounding like it was playing with sound that was black and white to  full technicolor with Dolby surround sound. What a difference!
Thanks  again, Dave, and I am glad I have found a super guitar tech who loves  his work and does all he can to provide superior service and guidance to  his clients.
Paul W.

Hi Dave

Sorry  it's taken me this long to send you the review on my guitar repairs.   But I just wanted to let yo know that the work you did on my guitar has  my Taylor playing marvelously.  We are very fortunate to have the luxury  of having you in the Richmond area.  To have someone with your  expertise, that loves what they do and takes pride in their workmanship  where you know you can leave your guitar there and have the confidence  that it will return better than when you left it is a true joy.  I'm  glad I located you again and all my guitar work will come your way from  now on.  No more messing with guitar repair shops where you don't have  confidence they will treat your guitar like it is their own.

Many thanks

Mike G.


Wanted  to drop you a quick note to thank you again for installing the Anthem  in my Martin and for the work you did on the saddle. Wow, wow, wow! I  have been blown away by how this guitar feels and sounds now. I don't  think I've ever in my years of playing enjoyed a guitar setup so well:  it plays like a dream. You weren't kidding when you said "he makes 'em  play like butta" on your website. I'm blown away by your work. I think  you may have converted me to Ernie Ball strings, too - I'm loving them!  I'm going to have to get my dreadnought to you for a setup at some  point, too..

Thanks again and be well,





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